Jon Foreman - 25 IN 24

25 IN 24 House Party

Amigos! I'm so stoked for you to finally see this film, 25 IN 24! Since we can't take 25 IN 24 The Tour everywhere, I wanted to give everyone a chance to see and experience the movie! So with that in mind....... WE'RE THROWING A WORLDWIDE HOUSE PARTY! Thats right, we want to bring this film to you and your friends! On February 24th, 25 IN 24 will be available to watch for 24 hours.  The goal for 25 IN 24 was to bring people together to chase after a dream together, and that's our hope for the movie too. We're throwing a House Party here in San Diego and our dream is that you'll throw your own, with your friends in your hometown!  This is your chance to bring the film to your hometown and see it before anyone else! Join the House Party and get access to extra bonus content, the 5 song 25 IN 24 EP!